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Current Projects


Coming May 2021 online poetic text animation with original music and visuals excerpted from two works by Dylan Thomas. Watch on, YouTube, Vimeo and Community Television of the Southern Berkshires.

Images from A Holiday Memory

slap of sea
tickle of sand
children capered
sandflies hopped
skyblue summers departed
fairs are no good in the day
all the fun of the fair in the hot bubbling night
swing boats swimming like slices of the moon
as we climbed home
we heard the music die and drift like sand


Images from Quite Early One Morning

In the winter by the sea that was lying down still after a night of tar-black howling
the town was not yet awake
birds sang
the town was waking now
voices blown up to me
moved out of sleep and darkness
into the newborn
ancient and ageless morning
moved and were lost

Ongoing Projects

Edward Herbst is currently writing a book that will include an expanded version of all five volumes of the Bali 1928 CD notes. The book will also focus on the research and
repatriation strategies used in this project, and the broader imperatives of a repatriation process facilitated by collaboration among foreign and indigenous artists and scholars.
Beth Skinner is engaged in documenting her 8 years of work with the Richmond Consolidated School's Creative Arts Program, where she directed performances generated by kindergarten, first and second grade classes.


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