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About Triple Shadow

Triple Shadow creates performances with theatre, live music, real-time video projections, masks, puppetry and dance challenging artistic boundaries, revealing the interconnectedness between human cultures and nature. The collaborative process is intercultural and interdisciplinary, affecting audiences in sensory and subconscious ways. Questions arise: what is sound? What is hearing? What is light? What is the nature of energy and movement? What are the boundaries between one mind and another, one moment and another, one culture and another, one species and another? Since 2002, Ed Herbst (co-artistic director) has led the international and interdisciplinary Bali 1928 Repatriation Project to research, find, understand, document, explain, restore, re-release and repatriate the first published recordings of music in Bali along with rare film footage and photographs of musicians, dance-drama performances and rituals from the 1930s.

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